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Luxurious bedroom

The original set-up of this bedroom with two entry doors presented a challenge for the redesign on its layout. We closed up the unnecessary door near the bed, and added as the customer wished for, a touch of oriental feeling with the ceiling lights and the typically ornamented pillows. The owners were more than pleased by the balanced mix of the oriental sensuality and the ingenious modernism of their new bedroom.


Bold and dramatic bedroom

Two different colors, textures and too many vertical lines of multiple doors cut up the wall surfaces in this bedroom and created an unstable atmosphere. So much so, that the owners had trouble sleeping. Eliminating one of the superfluous doors and bringing a distinct and calming color concept to the room granted the owners a feeling of coziness and well-being. The custom designed night lamps and bedside cabinets round up the design-enchantment of this project. The customers sleep like babies now again.


 Colourful yet sophisticated living room

This living room was looking dark, cold and was organized in a way that the owners could not enjoy their lovely garden view. To create a connection between the residents and the surrounding nature, we swapped the placement of the new sofa and replaced the tiny old carpet with a velvety, cream-colored one. This brought balance in the colorful scheme of the bright red wall and purple armchair the owner chose. The sophisticated brown tone of the new sofa and the elegant pillow arrangement serve also as a color-balancing purpose. 


Elegant bathroom

A carefully balanced concept, combining classic with modern, wood with concrete and natural colors with bold accents. The result is this spa-oasis which made both owners very happy. They love their new "parents' retreat" and enjoy the mixture of styles. The husband got his ideal of sleek lines and modern quality materials, while the wife’s wishes for the unique and valiant have been integrated too. 


Stunning bathroom remake

This bathroom was clearly dated, plain and dark. We offered a complete metamorphosis into a unique take on country style mixed with a Victorian touch. The custom-built vanity unit and the wall paneling serve as a perfect, modest background to the stunning Victorian style cement tiles. The large, flat mirror and the well-placed lighting enhances the room optically.


Kitchen concept and planning phase

The customer loves bold statements and strong colors. To give this open plan concept, a good flow and despite the vivid colors a soothing feeling, we had to plan very carefully. The fact that natural light is abundant in this part of the house, enabled us to introduce bold contrasts and bright colors into the room. The hardwood material of the floor was carried on to the kitchen countertop bar, which works perfectly as a harmonizing element and allows guests to chat with the cook.