Bodmer HOMES

Home Interior & Garden Design - Bath & Kitchen - Business Design


The five project phases:

  1. Initial review 
  2. Inspiration phase 
  3. Pre-project/Concept 
  4. Implementation phase 
  5. Final review

After we have chosen a style combination, I provide you with ideas, create Plans, Moodboards and 3D drawings for you during the Concept and Pre-project phase. This allows you to imagine how the rooms will look and feel in future. After that, you get samples of all materials, fabrics, tiles, colors or what ever we are going for, so you can chose what pleases you best. During the implementation phase I get the best quotes for you amongst my trusted craftspeople, who will then put into place the concept. During the wohle creative process I will guide you with my expertise and artistic eye, and make sure that everything is taking place within quality standards. I can also show you interesting places to buy the right furniture, provide discounts and will assist you while your shopping tour. The last phase includes staging and quality control, so you can fully enjoy the new peace and harmony within your redesigned home for years to come.