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Customers feedback

Attic conversion

Without the help of Alessandra Bodmer, our new attic would never have been so beautiful. After deciding to finally rebuild, we put a lot of thoughts for several weeks into how we could integrate a bedroom with a spacious, modern, warm and especial bathroom out of the existing four rooms, the sloping ceilings and the fireplace in the middle of the room. When we came to no satisfactory solution, I asked Alessandra Bodmer for help. Luckily!

After she had looked at the situation and listened to our ideas and wishes, she presented us with some suggestions in which she had cleverly adopted and concretized our ideas. Alessandra knew how to put our vague and sometimes conflicting ideas on a clear vision and incorporate our needs and ideas. So we could find the perfect solution together. After several discussions and inspections of materials, we found the ideal combination of colors, materials and space. The result corresponds exactly to our expectations and more! Each time it is a pleasure to dive into our new retreat after a long day ... Thank you very much for your help Sibylle

Remodeling of a Private residence

I contacted Alessandra to give our living room and bedroom more "warmth" and feel-good atmosphere. The conversation resp. Inspiration phase has totally convinced me and my husband. She immediately understood what we wanted and surprised us with her great ideas. For example, we will compensate for the lack of a view in our house with an appropriate garden design. Thank you Alessandra, for your professional and uncomplicated support Angela, YourImageYourStyle GmbH

Conversion / New Equipment dance school, leadership coaching

I am currently renovating my dance school. I asked Alessandra to help me with it. Your interior design concept has completely convinced me. It is important to me, because it is what I earn my money with. Her good taste and great ideas impressed me. She also stood by my side as a management coach. She is competent, far-sighted, patient and she always keeps the overview. Many thanks for everything.

François, dance school Galactic Dance GmbH

Room divider for fitness center

Alessandra Bodmer first guided us through her constructive advice to find the perfect room division for our location. Without her we would never have thought of a moss picture - now we love the idea! Thanks Alessandra, Julian, Aurum Fitness AG

New apartment rental

Dear Alessandra I have found you to be soothing and inspirational for my soul. Thanks also for your patience and rare ability of true listening. Your multi-layered life experiences bring exactly those aspects to bear, which enable a harmonious living. Thank you Ellen

Bachelor home design

I am enthusiastic about the professional, charming and imaginative support of Alessandra. Due to her creative abilities and knowledge of indoor and outdoor my home has become a true oasis of well-being. Very helpful was her network of different suppliers and craftsmen. As a dedicated leader in the industry, with responsibility at home and abroad, my time is always extremely short. House and garden have therefore to be low maintanance. In the industry where I work, everything has to be functional and modular, that is also what I like having at home. Nevertheless, it must also light and airy and cosy on the other hand, when I invite my friends for extended dinners and entertainement. But, are cosiness, practicability and individuality in living compatible? Alessandra made it happen and has managed to implement the right mix for me.

I bought the house with suroundings, because the house and the region where right for me. Alessandra guided me from the beginning on. It was important to me to have different ideas to choose from - the interior design and the exterior area had to fit together - Alessandra has developed different variations for me, from which I could choose. Thanks to you Alessandra "My home is now my castle"! Thomas