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The colors we use in BodmerHOMES projects

Farrow and Ball historical colors

Farrow & Ball is a British manufacturer of paints and wallpapers largely based upon historic colour palettes and archives especially created for Interior Design. Their uniquely elegant colors enchant every home and create an oasis of wellbeing. The company was started by John Farrow and Richard Maurice Ball in 1946 in Wimborne Minster, Dorset. They have worked with the National Trust for Places of Historic Interest or Natural Beauty of the UK, in formulating near to exact matches for the restoration of historic building interiors and exteriors.

Farrow and Ball New collection of natural and sustainable Colors 2019

There's one source in particular that perfectly celebrates the biological diversity and magnificent array of colors since 1814. A ground-breaking classification of colours in nature, Werner’s Nomenclature recorded in painstaking detail the exact hues and corresponding parts of animals, vegetables and minerals from across the natural world, becoming a treasured resource for scientists and artists alike. Among this was Charles Darvin, for whom the book proved indispensable on his voyage from 1831-36. Now we can rediscover this wonderful palette of exciting natural colors.

KEIM mineral colors

The chemical industry that emerged in Europe in the 19th century began to develop colors in a targeted manner from around 1850. Regarding binders, silicate technology is the only real innovation of the 19th century and the beginning of mineral paint technology. Adolf Wilhelm Keim (1851-1913), a trained potter from Munich, dealt intensively with the chemistry of mineral binders and pigments after his apprenticeship and traveling years. 1885, the painter Christian Schmidt from Zurich imported Keim’s mineral paint for Switzerland and used it in various well-known objects in this country. For example, on the facade of the Zurich State Museum, the Villa Patumbah, or the town hall and the "Pelikan" house in Stein am Rhein. 

kt.COLOR natural pigments 

The colors of kt.COLOR are characterized by exclusive natural pigments. "Success belongs to the resourceful," once said the Swiss architect Le Corbusier, this is completely true for the innovative, famlily who runs this color factory in Uster. The company kt.COLOR has been producing wonderful colors since 2000 with references from famous architects, painters and artists such as Le Corbusier and Yves Klein. Today they produce 225 pigment colors from over 120 pigments using traditional handcrafts.